Grading Procedures

 MMS Art courses are largely based on hands-on projects.  A set of specific requirements are given for each project.  Then, when finished and handed in the project is graded by a rubric.  Some projects are weighted more heavily than others. ( Below please see the rubric example.)  Art courses may also include "daily progress grades," based on students use of class time and quality of work at this point.  In addition to these grades, rough drafts are expected for most projects and may be graded at the discretion of the teacher.  Finally, during Middle School, students are introduced to the "Artist of the Week" program.  This is to simply introduce students at this level to Artists who had a major influence on styles of Art or may have "invented" a style of Art.  Many times we put emphasis on styles of Art by emulating them in the classroom.  Students will also have an open note "Artist of the Week" test at the end of the course.

Grading scale: